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Data is Energy for leading international energy markets

EDF Trading is part of the EDF Group. It is active throughout the value chain within the electricity, natural gas, LNG, LPG, coal, freight and environmental products markets. It is also active in the Commercial and Industrial Retail market in North America.

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Data is Energy for leading international energy markets Data is Energy for leading international energy markets

A world of data…

The European energy space is complex and has a huge appetite for data. Power production from renewables in response to weather, capacity limitations across borders, storage optimisation modelling... these are just some of the complex data opportunities we trade on every day.

We’re looking for talented people who share our passion for data to join our team and seize these opportunities with us.

  • Data Aggregation

    We pull data series from thousands of sources. We rely on data engineers to pipeline and operationalise these critical data sets. Trillions of data points, real time sources, vast histories, and complex n-dimensional datasets.

  • Data Delivery

    We need quality data that is centrally managed. We rely on business analysts to centralise our data and maintain governance. We look to them to lead on best practice and think beyond the present.

  • Research & Data Analysis

    We rely on data scientists running machine learning methods monitoring for efficacy and degradation, continually improving our forecasting and relationship discovery.

  • Making it real

    We’re more than just a research shop - we have assets. Our insights drive production, transportation, storage, and transactions across Europe.

Integral to our Integral to our

Integral to our

Our data specialists are at the heart of our business lines. If you have a lot to give, there’s a lot to learn. We always dig deeper - top down, bottom up - we are always pursuing a better model.

If you’ve got something to give, we want to hear from you. Come join our world of data; contact us below.

We know the value of data We know the value of data

We know the value of data

Our performance is based on the performance of our modelling. We are willing and able to invest in data, and people.

  • Trillions of commodity prices
  • Ensembles of simulations
  • Legislated data transparency
  • Model stacking, molecule up
  • Complex emergent properties
Growth Growth


The market is fast paced and adaptive - we need you to be too. There's always a new challenge around the corner.

How can you help?

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Automation
  • System Analysis
  • Data Science & Analysis
  • Big Data

Get in touch with us

Not only is our data a huge asset to us, so are our people. We’d like to hear from you; if you think you have skills that will help us to reach our data potential then please get in touch via the following details:

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